10 things to do and see in Lahore

Lahore has always be known as a city with rich culture and heritage . We would do a countdown as to the things to do, the places to visit and how to spend your time in the city of Lahore.

Places to Visit:

  1. Shahi Qila:
    Also known as the Lahore Fort. This is the first thing that comes to mind whenever someone new visits Lahore for the first time, it represents the rich culture of Lahore and its Royal Heritage.Shahi Qila
  2. Badshahi Mosque
    It is the largest Mosque in Asia and it is a scene to behold, it is made from red stone and can carry a lot of people. It is jam packed and we can gauge the size of it on Fridays.Badshahi-mosque
  3. Minar-e-Pakistan:
    one of the monuments that represent the very ideology of the country, when the resolution of Pakistan was put forward it was at this very place, thus holding a special patriotic feeling for this landmark.Minar-e-Pakistan
  4. Wagah Border:
    It marks the border between Pakistan and India, our neighbors and also our arch enemies, this makes it a complex combination. It is renowned for the end time parade that happens everyday and a lot of people specially come to see it.WAGHA-BORDER
  5. Ali Hajveri Tomb:
    Known as Data Darbar in general is the shrine of Hazrat Syed Ali Hajveri, a famed sufi saint of the 11th It also is a place where a lot of people pray for their wishes to be fulfilled.Hazar-Ali-Hajveri-shrine
  6. Food Street:
    As the name suggests, it is a street dedicated to food but the setting is worth seeing too apart from all the variety of food that is there to be consumed. You can find any type of food there.LahoreFoodStreet
  7. Lahore Museum:
    It was built in the 18th century and it still remains a tourist attraction, a popular destination for school trips so that children have interest in learning about history.LahoreMuseumLahoreThings to Do: 
  8. Drive:
    Just take the car out or whatever your means of transport and go for a drive, feel the nature of the city, the hustle bustle of the day and the calmness of the night, its like 2 different cities at two different times of the day.night_life_of_lahore
  9. Shop:
    There are a lot of places to shop in this city, from megastores like Hyperstar and Metro to small shops, the variety is there including shopping malls such as Xinhua Mall.lahoreshopping
  10. Hangout:
    There are a lot of places where you can hang out with many international chains available to suit your requirement, examples being Burger king, McDonalds and many exotic cafes available, making it a worthwhile experience to just relax or to hangout with friends or whoever you are travelling with.lahorehangout